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Astrus Hotel Moscow

Hotel Astrus Moscow is one of the largest and most comprehensive services hotels of the Russian capital. It was built as the Central Tourist House in 1980 for the Olympic Games in Moscow, and it has been one of the most popular hotels for tourists ever since. Relatively recently, in February 2009, the hotel was renovated and given a new name – Astrus. The name was composed of Latin word “astra” which means “star” and syllable “rus”, meaning “Russian Star”. The form of the Hotel building will also remind you of stars by its resemblance to a huge spaceship.

The hotel is located in Troparevo-Nikulino, one of the most prestigious and greenest districts of Moscow, which gives our guests an advantage of staying in ecologically safe area while having easy access to main business and cultural centers of the city. The hotel is located in 15 km from Vnukovo International Airport, which is about 20 minutes' drive. The nearest metro station is 7 minutes' walk.

The hotel offers 510 cozy and comfortable rooms of different categories – from standard twin rooms to luxury suits. All rooms are equipped with individual air conditioning system. Each room has TV, refrigerator, telephone with long distance / international call service and wi-fi. Almost all rooms have a panoramic view over Leninsky avenue and Moscow South-West. Quiet atmosphere, easy access to airports, Moscow underground and busses, safety, comfortable furniture, cozy lobbies contribute to leasure and fruitful work.

Holet Astrus Moscow also has a variety of European and Asian restaurants, a fully equipped business center, a congresses hall, and a fitness centre with two swimming pools and 2000m cardio zone.