Russian State University
of Justice

Registration Fee

The Registration Fee amounts to 7500 RUB per team. The Registration Fee is a prerequisite for obtaining individual Team Number and the status of a Moot's participant. The fee shall be paid upon the submission of the Moot Application Form no later than 14 calendar days thereafter.

The payment of any bank charges concerning the transfer of the fee(s) to the Organizer of the Moot is levied on the teams.

If a team fails to perform the payment of a fee in due time, it shall immediately inform the Organizer on the reasons which had led to such delay and negotiate new terms of payment.

Where a team fails to participate in the Moot the sum of the fee paid is not to be refunded. 

Bank account details of the Organizer:

Federal State Budget Educational Organization of Higher Education "Russian State University of Justice"

69, Novocheremushkinskaya Street, 117418, Moscow, Russia.

Taxpayer identification number 771032410

Tax registation reason code (taxpayer record validity code)772701001,

Federal Treasury Department for Moscow (Federal State Budget Educational Organization of Higher Education "Russian State University of Justice", individual account 20736Ц78980)

Current account: 40501810845252000079

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation Main Branch for the Central Federal District

BIK (sort code for SWIFT transactions) 044525000

OKPO code (state registry of organizations and enterprises) 52394244

Main State Registration Number 1037739536768

OKTMO (Russian National Classification of Municipal Territories) 45908000

KBK (Budgetary classification code) 00000000000000000130

Reason for payment: RSUJ Moot Registration Fee payment