Russian State University
of Justice

Memoranda guidelines

  1. Each Memorandum shall contain the following parts:

a. Cover Page;
b. Table of Contents;
c. List of Authorities;
d. Statement of Facts;
e. Arguments;
f. Conclusion/Prayer for Relief.

  1. A Memorandum may contain additional parts at the discretion of each team.
  2. Teams are prohibited to provide any indication of their school or country of origin.
  3. The total length of the Statement of Facts and Arguments parts each Memorandum, including footnotes, should not exceed 8,000 words.
  4. The Memoranda shall be composed in compliance with the following formatting requirements:

a. paper size: A4, layout vertical;
b. font style: Times New Roman;
c. font size: 12;
d. footnotes font size: 10;
e. margins: 2.54 cm;
f. line spacing: 1.5.

  1. The paragraphs of the Statements of Facts and Arguments shall be numerated in Arabic numerals.
  2. The Memoranda shall be written in formal English. Teams are allowed to use common Latin maxims and foreign terms.
  3. The front cover of each Memorandum shall contain the following information:

a. The Individual Number of the Team in the upper right-hand corner;
b. The name of the court;
c. The year of the Competition;
d. The title of the document (i.e., Memorandum for Claimant or Respondent).

  1. The List of Authorities shall contain all legal sources cited in any part of a Memorandum.
  2. The footnotes shall only include references to the authorities. No quotations or arguments shall be included in the footnotes.
  3. Teams are not allowed to include excessive quotations to their Memoranda. The maximum length of a quotation is two lines.
  4. Direct quotation from the sources is not allowed. When referring to a quote in a case, article or textbook, the team shall paraphrase the quote with their own words.
  5. Endnotes of any kind are not allowed in the text of the pleading or the footnotes.
  6. Acceptable citation formats: APA, MLA. Style of referencing in the footnotes should be unified for both memoranda of a team.
  7. Each memorandum shall be saved and submitted as a single and separate document (.doc/.docx/.pdf).
  8. The narratives of the pleading shall show coherence and cohesion.
  9. Any breach of the rules mentioned above will lead to penalty points in accordance with Unified Evaluation Criteria.