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The ISIC (International Student Identity Card) card is an international student ID that confirms the status of the student all over the world and is also a discount card. ISIC offers students a whole world of discounts and privileges - more than 42,000 discounts in 130 countries and more than 3,000 discounts in Moscow and throughout Russia.

The ISIC card is not exclusive. All bona fide students over the age of 12, regardless of their nationality, race, gender or religion can purchase an ISIC card at an affordable price. Via one single card, ISIC students gain preferential and discounted access to products, services and experiences relevant to all aspects of student life, from software licenses and cinema access, to bookstores, public transport, cafés and eateries.

It is very convenient and profitable for students and schoolchildren with the ISIC card to travel aroundpeace, visit museums, theaters, concerts, cinemas, restaurants, sports centers and so on. Cardholderscan also receive discounts for accommodation in hotels and hostels, shopping in stores, for training courses, medical services, mobile communications and much more. At the same time the list of partners of the program and special offers is constantly growing.

For example, at only half the price the owners of ISIC cards in the Czech Republic and Spain can visit museums, in Germany - go on a steamer on the Rhine, in France - visit the oceanarium, and in Sweden- The Royal Opera. And 50% is not the maximum discount. In many museums andgalleries in Russia and abroad with an ISIC card can be accessed for free.

When applying please provide one of the following documents:

A copy of your university or student identity card, clearly dated and indicating you are a full time student;
A signed and dated letter on official university or school stationery stating you are studying there full time. We prefer an original copy, although photocopies and faxes may be accepted.

You will also need:

Proof or your date of birth (for example: passport, birth certificate, Official Identity Card issued in your country of residence);
A recent passport sized photograph of yoursel.

For further details please visit ISIC official website.