Russian State University
of Justice

Rules and Regulations

These Rules and Regulations set forth general provisions governing organization and the timeline of the Moot, prerequisites and requirements for the participants of the Moot, as well as relevant terms and conditions concerning submission of application forms and other matters.

The topic of 2017 Moot is Efficient Resolition of International Corporate Disputes.


1. Organization of the Moot

1.1. The organizer of the Moot is Federal state-funded educational institution of higher education Russian State University of Justice of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation acting in partnership with FBK Legal (hereinafter Organizer) which

1.1.1.  Drafts Rules and Regulations of the Moot and supervises adherence thereto.

1.1.2.  Appoints the Panel of Arbitrators of the Moot.

1.1.3.  Invites partners and sponsors to the Moot.

1.1.4.  Determines and accepts the Registration Fee for the teams participating in the Moot.

1.1.5.  Performs organizational, technical and methodical support of the Moot.

1.1.6.  Develops the Problem of the Moot, Memoranda Guidelines, Litigation Guidelines, Mediation Guidelines, Unified Evaluation Criteria and publishes said documents on the Moot's website in due time.

1.2.1.  Hosts and holds Oral Rounds of the Moot.

1.2.2.  Registers and publishes the Oral Rounds Results and Overall Results of the Moot.

1.2.3.  Organizes the Awarding Ceremony and distributes the awards to the Moot's winners and awardees.

1.3. For the purposes of maximum objectivity in determining the winners at all stages of the Moot in all nominations the Organizer appoints the Panel of Arbitrators of the Moot (hereinafter Panel).

1.3.1.  The Panel is formed of representatives of large-scale international legal organizations, academic community, state bodies as well as representatives of the Organizer.

1.3.2.  Chairperson of the Panel is appointed by the Organizer.

1.3.3.  The formation of the Panel is exercised through invitations from the Organizer of the Moot.

1.3.4.  The Panel follows Unified Evaluation Criteria while assessing memoranda and selecting winners and awardees.

1.4.1.  The Panel briefly assesses all competitive papers and evaluates the teams' performances during the Oral Rounds of the Moot and thoroughly evaluates the teams' memoranda for the Overall Results of the Moot.

1.4.2.  The Panel determines the winners and awardees following the results of the Oral Rounds of the Moot.

1.4.3.  The Panel takes part in the Awarding Ceremony and gala dinner.


2. Participants of the Moot

2.1. Participation in the Moot is open to college teams of 3 (min.) to 5 (max.) persons. A college team may be accompanied by up to 2 coaches/academic advisors.

2.2. Only one team from a university may take part in the Moot. Where a university has national and/or international branches, each such branch is viewed by the Organizer as a separate university and may therefore form its team and take part in the Moot. Students from different universities may form a team, but they can choose only one university to represent. If such university has already registered with RSUJ Moot, the team would have to choose another school to represent.

2.3. Any changes in the composition of a registered team without the Organizer's prior consent are possible only before the expiry of the registration period and upon written notification of the Organizer.

2.4. Only full-time undergraduate and post-graduate students of law departments (LLB and LLM programs or their local equivalents) may become participants of the Moot. A student member shall not be admitted to the bar or engaged in the practice of law at the moment of the Registration.

2.5. To become a participant of the Moot a team shall fill in the Application Form on the website and pay the Registration Fee as stipulated in s. 6.3.2. of these Rules.


3. Timeline

3.1. All stages of the Moot shall fall within a 4 (four) months period timeframe.

3.2. The dates and deadlines of the Moot are uploaded to the Timeline section on the official website of the Moot no later than 4 (four) months prior to the date of the first Oral Round.


4. Official language of the Moot

4.1. Official language of the Moot is English.

4.2. All communication with the Organizer including submission of the Memoranda and the Application Form as well as any other official correspondence shall only be performed in the official language of the Moot.


5. Problem of the Moot

5.1. The Problem of the Moot is uploaded on the official website no later than 4 months prior to the date of the first Oral Round. The names used in the Problem are fictional.

5.2. The Problem includes information about the conflicting parties, indisputable facts of the conflict, direct and contingent reference to applicable domestic legislation and sources of international law, direct and contingent reference to applicable procedural norms and other relevant legal documents necessary to draft the claimant's standing and the answer of the respondent. No additional facts shall be added to the Problem unless they are logical assumptions or publicly available true facts.

5.3. Each team may submit up to 3 questions for clarification related to the Problem no later than 35 days prior to the date of the first Oral Round. The Organizer in its absolute discretion chooses which questions for clarification shall receive a response. Clarification responses shall be posted on the official website of the Moot no later than 20 days prior to the date of the first Oral Round.


6. Stages of the Moot.

6.1. The Moot comprises four main stages: Registration, Memoranda submissions, Oral Rounds and Overall Results.

6.2. Registration.

6.2.1. Registration is carried out by sending the Application File (doc./docx./pdf) to the e-mail address of the Organizer in accordance with the registration timeline: .

6.2.2. The following documents should be attached to the Application File: scanned copies of student ID cards; photos of each team member including coaches and/or academic advisors; brief CVs of each team member of no more than 250 printed characters each.

6.3. Registration Fee.

6.3.1. The Registration Fee is calculated in Russian national currency (ruble) and amounts to 7500 RUB.

6.3.2. The Registration Fee shall be paid by the teams within 14 calendar days following the team's application and is a prerequisite for obtaining the status of a Moot's participant and an individual team number

6.3.3. Any reasonable delay in payment shall be referred to the Organizer.

6.3.4. Payment of the Registration Fee is performed via bank transfer on the current account of the Organizer of the Moot.

6.3.5. Drafts, promissory notes and cheques are not accepted as payment on the territory the Russian Federation.

6.3.6. The payment of any bank charges concerning the transfer of the fee to the Organizer is levied on the teams.

6.3.7. Where a team fails to participate in the Moot the sum of the fee paid is not to be refunded.

6.3.8. Following successful Registration an individual number is assigned to each team.

6.4. Memoranda.

6.4.1. Memoranda submitted by the registered teams shall conform to the requirements listed in the Memoranda Guidelines.

6.4.2. Memoranda for both parties shall be sent by the teams to the e-mail address of the Organizer () in accordance with the Timeline.

6.4.3. For any delay in submitting memoranda a team gets penal points in accordance with Unified Evaluation Criteria.

6.5. Oral Rounds.

6.5.1. All registered teams which have duly submitted their Memoranda may take part in the Oral Rounds of the Moot, which are divided into Qualifying Rounds, Quarter-Finals, Semi-Final and Grand Finale. The order of Oral Rounds is set out in the Litigation Guidelines.

6.5.2. Following the Qualifying Rounds and brief memoranda assessment the Panel selects the teams for the next round of the oral stage.

6.5.3. The results of the Oral Rounds are announced upon finalizing thereof except for the Grand Finale.

6.5.4. The Quarter-Finals are held on the same day or the next day following the announcement of the results of the Qualifying Rounds.

6.5.5. The Semi-Finals and the Grand Finale are held on the same day or the next day following the announcement of the results of the Quarter-Finals

6.5.6. The results of the Grand Finale are announced at the official Awarding Ceremony and gala dinner.

6.5.7. The Qualifying Rounds, the Quarter-Finals and the Semi-Final are closed to general public and other teams. The Grand Finale is open for attendance to everybody.

6.6. Overall Results.

6.6.1. Overall Results of the Moot include score for each team's written submission and oral performance and are announced no later than 2 (two) months after the date of the Grand Finale.


7. Nominations.

7.1. Following the results of the Moot the Panel determines the winning team(s) and the awardees.

7.2. Teams may be awarded in the following nominations:

1st team all rounds

2nd team all rounds

3rd team all rounds

Memorandum for claimant, 1st score

Memorandum for claimant, 2nd score

Memorandum for claimant, 3rd score

Memorandum for respondent, 1st score

Memorandum for respondent, 2nd score

Memorandum for respondent, 3rd score

Best Litigator

Best Mediator

Best negotiating techniques in inter-cultural communication.

Best technique in cooperation with other team

7.3. The award(s) from Partners and sponsors of the Moot may be awarded to any team(s) at their sole discretion.


8. Closing of the Moot

8.1. The winners in all nominations are determined using Unified Evaluation Criteria, Memoranda, Litigation and Mediation Guidelines provisions.

8.2. Each participant of the Moot receives the participation Diploma from the Organizer.

8.3. The winners in all nominations are awarded with honorable Diplomas and valuable prizes.

8.4. Substitution of the prizes with monetary equivalent is not allowed.

8.5 The announcement and awarding of the winners and awardees of the Moot take place during the Awarding Ceremony.

8.6. All expenses concerning participation in the Moot including but not limited to transfer and accommodation are incurred by the participants of the Moots independently.